Golden Water


As you may read below how the Golden Water came to me, take some time and space to breathe and tune into the energy behind the words. Pay attention to your feelings or body reactions while reading, and find out if you resonate with these new frequencies.

During winter 2013/14, I was prepared to engage on the path of water. In spring 2014, I let go - especially of my mind and my home - and followed my guidance all over France, from waterplace to waterplace, where some knowing part of me knew exactly what to do - or more exactly: things happened through me - whereas another part of me observed all this amazed and gratefully.


In July, a ray of yellow-white light passed trough me like an antenna into a sacred waterplace in the Pyrenees Mountains. I saw the water change into pure liquid gold. At the same time I received audible informations: I was told that the union between the fire of heaven and the water of earth had finally occured. That the seed was planted, as this golden water contain informations for the New Golden Age.


I was called „golden water keeper“ and was given a wonderful and intense healing by the Golden Water entering my body and resetting all my cells. It was said that I would spread this water all over the planet.


Right after this experience, I was guided to create golden water drop necklaces for those that would feel the call of becoming a Golden Water Keeper and help radiate the golden energy all over the planet. They would estimate themselves the value of it, opening up for the possibilities of what the drop could give them, by asking their heart.


As soon as I got this information, I drove to different places in France to gather what was needed to create these golden drop necklaces - I had the feeling that they had to be ready for a big gathering of healers and shamans taking place in South of France. In the meanwhile the channel I could see above the Golden Water spring opened even more and new codes kept pouring in.


The golden water contains also following codes: cristalline particles, the royal blue "Water of Youth", the pristine "Water of all origins" (both of them cosmic waters), the golden key of opening of the Christic heart, a grail and the Code of the sacred union of the divine feminine and divine masculine.


When I brought a few Golden Water Drops to the gathering in South of France, I was stunned by the reactions and feedback of the healers and shamans - I hadn't measured what the Golden Water really meant. Since then the drops find their keepers, and more and more open to the new energies. I began only to reveal the information of the golden water on my website last spring, before that it was not ready for it, but the right people just felt the call and found me somehow.


Since then, each Golden Water Drop Keeper has hers/his own journey with it: Some do healings with it, some began to be guided to waterplaces to become water keepers and spread the informations for the new golden age, some experience a journey of the healing of their heart and an increased vibration that leads them to their path, some are just touched and relieved that these informations have touched earth and wear them as a jewel that radiates the golden frequency and the codes in their surrounding, without any need of doing more than being where they are.


Whatever is each personal journey with the Golden Water, all keepers of the Golden Drop are connected, forming a growing web of Golden Water frequencies. Each time I receive new downloads from different places during ceremonies or my journeys to sacred places of this planet, I feel these downloads spread among all Golden Drops for an update.


The golden water drops are not usual commercial items. They are passed on, and I have to ask guidance if the appliers can wear them, although most of those that feel the call can wear them. They are very precious as they are handmade and channeled and there are not many of them. It is not even sure if others can be made, as the spring where the Golden Water manifested, that is known to have appeared miraculously since the 3rd century, stoped giving water last year in summer.



Whereas  you already are working with sacred waters, you are a healer or you just feel attracted - don’t hesitate to apply for a drop if you feel the call!


Celia Eolaï Ayassa 

Intuitive healer and soundhealer

Spirituality and using her voice for singing or chanting have been part of her life since childhood. She gave her first intuitive healing through voice at the age of 11 and had since mystical experiences as out of body experience, light nourishment, trances and connections with lightbeings and stellar beings.


In 2013 she was prepared to go the path of water by cosmic dolphins and Sirians and was guided to springs and waterplaces where she could observe herself transmuting old patterns and downloading new codes for the new consciousness into the water. One year later she received the Golden Water, a water containing codes for the “new golden age”. From French and German parents, she lives between France and Germany and travels the world to answer the call of water and the songs of whales, working also on the cristalgrid and contributing to weave golden connections between places, dimensions and light workers. 


2009-2012: Integrative Rebalancing Therapy® massage, as well as training in dance therapy (Germany).

10-2011: Trainings in core Shamanism (Germany) and intuitive singing (Ursula Greven, Germany)

2012: Soundhealing training and voice shamanism (Chris Amrhein & Sandy Kühn,  Germany)    

2012-2013: workshops with Tom Kenyon, 

although most of her training came from her own guidance and remembrance.